Vandemonian – Xenophilia

Having released a promising self-titled EP in 2016, Hamburg-based progressive post-rock trio Vandemonian have now (20 Feb) finally released their debut album Xenophilia. Vandemonian create progressive, sometimes political, post-rock with distinct cinematic flourishes. The trio are actually something of a global entity, hailing from three corners of the earth (Germany, Australia and the US). As a result, they..

Kimono Drag Queens – Songs Of Worship (Copper Feast Records)

Wow! I have to confess, I got it into my head this lot would be over-the-top exhibitionist glam-rockers (or something like that) humungously wrong can you be!! Kimono Drag Queens are a psychedelic/World Music seven-piece with musical influences spanning continents, decades, name it. With a focus on great rhythmic syncopation linked to intricate arrangements, they’ve..

Watertank – Silent Running (Atypeek Music)

After a dormant period of time due to some quite hefty line-up changes, French post-hardcore/noise-rock group Watertank have finally completed the work on their third full album and follow-up to their 2015 sophomore album Destination Unknown. Silent Running was released on 4 September and sees Watertank incorporating other influences like shoegaze and post-rock into their trademark post-hardcore sound, indeed on first listen fans of the Manchester band Ride will feel quite at home...