Riot – Mean Streets (Reigning Phoenix Music)

Riot, even if considered a legendary name nowadays, have always been more or less the underdogs of the US metal scene. The tremendous amount of bad luck and personal tragedy didn’t stop these guys from releasing some of the stone-cold classics of the Eighties with Fire Down Under, Born In America and Thundersteel being absolutely..

RIOT (V) – new album »Mean Streets« pushed back to April 12, 2024; second digital single available for pre-saving

With brand new track High Noon, US cult metallers RIOT (V) keep racing down the road brilliantly. The high-speed anthem has gained way more than 100,000 views on YouTube, followed by solid streaming numbers - all that in just a few days. Although they're working on the launch of Mean Streets with full throttle, the band need to take a redirection until unleashing their..