Illusory – Crimson Wreath (Rockshot Records)

Illusory is a Greek power/progressive metal band with Crimson Wreath being the Athens based outfit's third album. However, the band history is just a little complicated as they began life in 1992 as The Ivory Tower and continued with this name until 2012 when they changed to Illusory with their debut, The Ivory Tower, coming..

Avaland – Theater Of Sorcery (Rockshots Records)

I'm not sure where to start with this release by Avaland other than to say it may be wise to put all of your senses into overload mode as this recording is epic and literally off the scale when it comes to grand, operatic metal with a seeming cast of thousands! Avaland hail from beautiful..

Laced In Lust – First Bite (Rockshot Records)

Laced In Lust is a rather curiously titled Australian sleaze rock band with First Bite being their debut release. They have been deliciously described as having a sound like a sleazy Status Quo and so many music fans get a bit sniffy when you mention the Quo but the early Status Quo of Piledriver and..

Black Sun – Silent Enemy EP (Rockshot Records)

Black Sun is a hard rock/power metal three-piece band from Ecuador comprising Christopher Gruenberg (guitar), Santiago Salem (bass) and Nicolás Estrada (Drums). Apparently, during recording of this EP, they parted ways with vocalist Chemel Neme but they seem to be incredibly well connected as they have managed to bring in several guests on the recordings with..

Souls Of Diotima unveil the lyric video for the first single ‘The Black Mask’. New album “Janas” to be released on January 29th 2021. Pre-orders available now!

Italian female fronted metal band SOULS OF DIOTIMA will release their fourth studio album, titled Janas, on January 29th 2021 via Diotima Records/Rockshots Records. The band unveiled the lyric video for the first single 'The Black Mask' in early December 2020. Check out the video below. Commenting on the song the founder member, lyricist and drummer Giorgio Pinna explains: "The album's opening track..