Greek masters Rotting Christ announce new album ‘ΠΡΟ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥ (Pro Xristoy)’ on 24 May via Season of Mist

Rotting Christ have stood the test of time. While their name has caused plenty of gatekeepers to clutch their pearls, Sakis Tolis and has brother Themis have ascended from Greece's blackened catacombs to one of metal's most formidable bands.   This year, Rotting Christ are celebrating 35 years of evil excellence with their 14th album. ΠΡΟ..

Rotting Christ release digital compilation ‘The Apocryphal Spells’

Greek metal titans ROTTING CHRIST have just released a digital compilation featuring previously unreleased tracks. The Apocryphal Spells Vol I and II is out now on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to Vol I and Vol II now. The Apocryphal Spells Vol I Astral Embodiment (05:28) Moonlight (04:16) Phobia (05:40) Tormentor (cover) (02:33) Flag of Hate /..

Rotting Christ get a fossil named after them

Metal veteran brothers Sakis and Themis Tolis of the Greek metal band ROTTING CHRIST have reached immortality by having a fossil named after them! Two researchers from the Natural History Museum in Luxembourg recently found a new brittle-star species and decided to name it 'Brezinacantha Tolis' honoring the Tolis brothers. Frontman Sakis Tolis comments: "This is one of..