Screamachine – Church Of Scream (Frontiers Music)

ScreaMachine is an uncomplicated, hard, heavy and proud metal band from Italy with Church Of The Scream being the band's composed and confident second album to date. They made a most definite statement of intent with the self-titled debut which burst on to the heavy metal scene in 2021 with a crunching, churning metal delight..

Screamachine – Borderline EP (Frontiers Music)

Italian rock band Screamachine released a hell of a metal monster with the self-titled debut album in 2021 which announced them as a band to take note especially so with the all action sound derived from bands like Judas Priest, Accept, Bonfire and Brainstorm and Iron Maiden too which is enough to peak anyone's interest...

SCREAMACHINE : ‘Borderline’ – new EP by Italian metallers out NOW via Frontiers

Currently preparing new songs for the follow-up to their well received 2021 self-titled debut album, Italian metallers ScreaMachine have today released a new EP entitled 'Borderline' via Frontiers Music Srl. 'Borderline' features four songs: a gloriously fast and loud title track, an acoustic version of previous single 'The Metal Monster' featuring Michele Guaitoli (Visions Of..

ScreaMachine – ScreaMachine (Frontiers Music)

Sometimes, you need some pretty straight forward heavy metal just to blow away the cobwebs; something not pretentious or arty or clever for the sake of being clever but just loud, hard and direct from a band with a singer with a voice like a machine gun, cataclysmic drums and bass and two guitarists trading..