SEETHING AKIRA release their emotive new single ‘Lost At Sea’, out now on FiXT

Seething Akira takes on a more introspective tone with their new hard-hitting metalcore single Lost At Sea. The second chapter within their upcoming third album Nozomi, Lost At Sea features thought-provoking lyrics, soaring guitar solo sections, steady rhythms, and fuses synths with a dominating vocal performance for a single that puts hope above all else, questioning the..

Seething Akira – Dysfunctional Wonderland (FiXT)

I first came across Seething Akira with the debut release of Sleepy Skeletor when they were a new and unsigned band but were already creating a big buzz with their intense energy levels and supercharged gigs. They were a band very much a work in progress but everything seemed to be just about in the..