Transworld Identity – Seven Worlds (Frontiers Music)

Transworld Identity is a new female led hard rock band from Finland made up by a seasoned team of musicians and the stunning vocalist Mila Bosa who has made the transition from covers band to fronting a superior rock band with ease. She is perfectly accompanied by Mika Lamminsivu on guitar, Lacu Lahtinen on drums..

TRANSWORLD IDENTITY : ‘Seven Worlds’ – debut album by Finnish hard rockers out 17 March 2023 via Frontiers

Transworld Identity (T-ID) is a new Finnish hard rock band comprised of Mila Bosa (vocals), Mika 'Lamppari' Lamminsivu (guitar), Juha 'Junnu' Kinnunen (keyboards), Kasperi Kinnunen (bass) and Lacu Lahtinen (drums). Their music draws inspiration from the core foundations of hard rock music, showcasing the feel-good factor that gets the adrenaline flowing. Having recently signed to Frontiers,..