Keyboard Maestro Derek Sherinian initially made his reputation playing in Dream Theater, appearing on three albums before leaving due to disagreeing about musical direction, which saw Jordan Rudess coming in as it was felt his style was more suited to their music. Since then he’s largely performed as a solo artist, releasing a series of jazzy-rock..

Derek Sherinian and Simon Phillips release “Inertia (Live 2022)”

Live album "SHERINIAN/PHILLIPS – LIVE" drops August 25th  SHERINIAN/PHILLIPS is the musical alliance of Derek Sherinian and Simon Phillips, whose parallel reputations in virtuosic sonic inventions combine on the backdrop of instrumental genre fusion. Though the two had written and recorded together in the past, commitments to other projects had kept them busy in their..

Derek Sherinian – Vortex

Keyboardist Derek Sherinian has more than made a name for himself. After all, deemed him “A true shredder, his virtuoso playing has seen him dubbed the keyboard-playing version of Eddie Van Halen,” in 2020. Moreover, in 2021 he was voted Greatest Keyboardist Of The 21st Century, and the eighth Greatest of All Time by..

Derek Sherinian – The Phoenix (InsideOut)

About forty years ago, I bought a second-hand LP by a band called Isotope. Not because I had heard of them, or indeed of any of the musicians involved, but because the bloke who owned the market record stall knew what kind of stuff I liked, and he slapped it on when he spotted me..