SLADE – Coloured Vinyl Reissues (BMG)

The 'Slayed?' album looked and sounded as if it was going to bully your other records as soon as you left the room, and this edition, with its replication of the original sleeve, looks like it will do it again. If you have the original vinyl as well, and store both together, they might do..

SLADE – New animated video for ‘Merry Xmas Everybody, plus vinyl reissue series concludes with ‘Slade Alive’

Slade have unveiled a brand new animated video for Merry Xmas Everybody (see below) This is the first time there has been a promotional video for the ultimate festive anthem. ‘The video is very unusual and comical. It does sum up the band’s characters HO HO HO!’ exclaims Noddy Holder. Originally released in 1973 Merry Xmas Everybody was the band's sixth..