Status Quo – The Early Years (1966-69) (BMG)

Think you are a Quo completist? Not till you have this!  Whether it was down to the band, or their label, or a bit of both, it’s a fact that Status Quo had paltry success during the five years they were signed to the Pye label. Except for one international hit with Pictures Of Matchstick..

Status Quo reissues – Heavy Traffic and Riffs (UMC)

Credit where credit is due – Universal Music Group and its subsidiaries have been doing sterling work over the last few years, repackaging and reissuing Status Quo’s later catalogue to the world. Deluxe versions of all their albums from the mid-eighties have been making their way  steadily into the shops, and we’re now into the..

Status Quo – Quo’ing In: The Best Of the Noughties (earMusic)

I always approach any new Status Quo compilation with trepidation. It's a tough audience to deal with anyway, because for every die-hard, denim-clad, dedicated Quo fan, there is some nay-sayer holding their stripped-down basic boogie in derision. The band went through a period at the end of the last century, where their seriously hard-rocking credentials..