Stones Of Babylon – Ishtar Gate (Raging Planet Records)

A Portuguese band from the milennarian city of Lisbon, Stone of Babylon are an instrumental stoner band, inspired by myths and history, especially that from the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East (apparently, mostly because that's where hops and beer first developed!). Stones of Babylon Traveling back again in time to the ancient history and..

Witches Coven – World On Fire (Spy Satellite Records)

Spy Satellite Records are an independent digital record label, created in 2019 by artists for artists. On of the most promising bands on their roster is Witches Coven, stoner rockers hailing from Singapore, and they're delighted to announce the release of the band's debut album, World on Fire (SSR04/2022). The band is actually the creation..

APF Records to reissue The Brothers Keg debut album on vinyl

London-based, psychedelic stoner doom trio The Brothers Keg will reissue their debut album, 'Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg' on vinyl on 30th July 2021. Originally released in September 2020 on tape, CD and digitally, word on the album spread like wildfire across the underground stoner doom scene with it reaching number 4..

Dune Sea – Moons of Uranus (All Good Clean Records)

Dune Sea started out as a 2012 solo project for Ole Nogva, a Trondheim-based guitarist/keys player, vocalist and all-round sonic warrior, described then on Facebook as "a true Norwegian post-ironic space stoner". Later in 2017, drummer Erik Bråten joined him for the first Dune Sea recording, the All Quiet Under The Suns EP. This enjoyed..

Ruff Majik – The Devil’s Cattle (Mongrel Records)

Ruff Majik are an abrasive but humorous, stoner-rock band formed in South Africa in 2012, originally featuring the talents of guitarist/vocalist Johni Holiday, bassist Jimmy Glass and drummer Ben Manchino, but now augmented by guitarist Cowboy Van and guitarist/keyboard player (and long-time friend and producer) Evert Snyman. Their early work was pretty heavy, basic, stoner..