Guenna – Peak of Al’Jinnah (The Sign Records)

Peak of Jin'Arrah is the debut album by Guenna. Hailing from the southernmost part of Sweden, this foursome offers a rather fine blend of fuzzy, progressive and heavy rock with vocal harmonies - wonderfully described by Nick Oliveri (formerly in QOTSA) on a night when Guenna opened up for his band Stöner in Malmö as..

Waste a Saint – Ravenous (All Good Clean Records)

Waste a Saint is a Norwegian band from Trondheim that plays melodic fuzz rock with psychedelic touches. Their sound has been compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, The Dead Weather and Spiders, alternative rock from the nineties and fuzzed bands from the late sixties....and I'm going..

Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple Music)

Formed in December 2020, Blood Lightning brings together the talents of vocalist Jim Healey (We’re All Gonna Die), guitarist Doug Sherman (GOZU), bassist Bob Maloney (Worshipper) and drummer J.R. Roach (Sam Black Church). Their style is heavily influenced by early Sabbath, with equal doses of classic Eighties heavy metal and some southern rock added over...


This band could go a long long way.... Giant Dwarf are a new band from Perth, Australia, and this their eponymous debut album is an absolute gem. Musically, they plant their flag firmly in stoner territory with the stars of that genre (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age) being a visible influence along with the..