CHAS CRONK – Liberty (Renaissance Records)

Chas Cronk is probably best known as Mr Bass Man with folk-rockers The Strawbs, a spot he previously occupied throughout the seventies and again from 2004 up to the present day. In between he played with a number of stellar musicians, notably Steve Hackett and Rick Wakeman, and appeared on Wakeman’s Six Wives of Henry..

STRAWBS – The Broken Hearted Bride (Esoteric / Cherry Red)

Originally released in 2008, The Broken Hearted Bride saw a reunion of the Strawbs line-up which had recorded albums like Hero & Heroine and Ghosts, both of which did well in the US, and reawakened interest in the band. It’s been unavailable in recent years but has now been remastered, reissued and includes previously unreleased..

STRAWBS – Settlement (Esoteric / Cherry Red)

That most quintessentially 'English' of bands, the Strawbs are one of those institutions who, despite having been constantly creative for a long time in recent years both in terms of live and recording work, find themselves forever trapped in a sort of 1970s amber, with everything they do being held up against work which is..

DAVE COUSINS – Two Weeks Last Summer (Esoteric)

As a slight annex built on to their ongoing Strawbs reissue campaign, Esoteric have unearthed this 1972 solo album by Strawb Supremo Dave Cousins, so named because he did, in fact, record it in two weeks in the Summer of 1972, in between the Strawbs albums Grave New World and Bursting At The Seams. Although..


a mix of more commercial, easily melodic material alongside harder-edged fare for those who didn't want too much sugar with their Strawbs! By 1976, when Deep Cuts originally appeared, The Strawbs were getting to the end of their original 1970s run, and would split following two more albums, in 1978. The previous album, 1975's Nomadness,..