November 28, 2020

Tallah turn the tables with electrifying new video

NEW ALBUM MATRIPHAGY COMING OCTOBER 2ND VIA EARACHE RECORDS FFO: Code Orange, Korn, Slipknot Things are heating up in the Tallah camp as we edge closer to the release of their highly anticipated full length album Matriphagy, out on October 2nd 2020 via Earache Records. It's been a wild ride for Tallah thus far, with the band..

Tallah – Video release, news of new album

Best described as 'nu-core', a genre painted with throwback elements to 2000s-era nu-metal but with a more modern, hardcore energy, Tallah shares a passion for playing intense, angry, loud, and heavy music. Building on the notion of innovative metal with panic-stricken guitar screams with added distortion, Tallah's screaming vocals mix with melodic choruses and driving bass..