THE ANIX and DAEDRIC release ‘Spit You Out’ remix, out now on FiXT

Experience the powerful reimagining of The Anix's Spit You Out through the transformative lens of Daedric's remix.  With a dynamic blend of electronic and rock elements, this rendition takes the original's emotive essence to new heights as it conveys a compelling narrative, exploring the intensity of human connection. Combining the raw power of  Daedric's vocals both surreal..

THE ANIX announces re-release of ‘Demotion City’ on 15th July on FiXT., single ‘This Game’ out now

Electronic-rock artist and producer The Anix is rereleasing his 2008 remastered Electronic Rock album Demolition City. The album includes notable singles such as This Game [2008] the first of the remastered re-release of his 2008 album Demolition City from independent record label FiXT. "This Game is an electronic rock single fusing synthesizers, upbeat rhythms, heavy guitars,..

The Anix – Revenge (Fixit)

The Anix is an electro-rock project that is the brainchild of the Los Angeles based musician, composer and producer Brandon Smith. The route taken to market by Brandon Smith seems to be the reverse of most projects. Smith formed the band in 2001 and initially brought in his brother Logan and Chris Dinger with them..