The Erinyes – The Erinyes (Frontiers Music)

Another new project from Frontiers and one that will most certainly make everyone sit up and take notice as this is a truly special album from a team of musicians who have produced an album that is truly magical. The band is made up of three - yes three - simply divine singers in Justine..

THE ERINYES : ‘The Erinyes’ – debut album by new metal group fronted by three female singers out 16 September 2022 via Frontiers

Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the forthcoming release of the self-titled debut album by The Erinyes, an exciting new musical force fronted by three superb female singers - Justine Daaé, Mizuho Lin and Nicoletta Rosellini. The album is out on 16th September, with a second single from it entitled Betrayed available now. It..