BLIND GUARDIAN | announces ‘The God Machine’ UK & Ireland Tour 2024

After their triumphant return to the stage last year in the form of their Somewhere Far Beyond Tour across Germany, the breath-taking story of Blind Guardian's latest masterpiece The God Machine goes on. Today, the metal legends have announced some new tour dates in 2024 across the UK and Ireland. Blind Guardian are thrilled to be able to finally present some of..

Blind Guardian – The God Machine (Nuclear Blast)

The German power metal machine from Krefeld, as you well remember, was one of the very few bands that flew the flag of classic metal high in the nineties and persevered to become one of the biggest bands in their genre. They started their journey as early as 1984 (under the name of Lucifer’s Heritage),..

BLIND GUARDIAN | release new single ‘Violent Shadows’

Photo: Dirk Behlau With today's single release, German metal giants BLIND GUARDIAN throw Violent Shadows on these hot summer days. In this pulsing track, the band delivers another epic track foreshadowing the release of their new album The God Machine - out on September 2nd via Nuclear Blast Records. Violent Shadows is an onslaught of thrashy riffs and relentless drumming, presenting itself as one of the..

Blind Guardian announce new record ‘The God Machine’ + release single ‘Blood Of The Elves’

Photo: Dirk Behlau A distant mechanical sound is approaching from afar, heralding the arrival of exciting new happenings - casting fore-shadows on the date of September 2nd. This is the day that metal legends Blind Guardian will release their eleventh studio album The God Machine via Nuclear Blast, a new monument to their outstanding career. Singer Hansi Kürsch explains: "We didn't want..