Svartanatt – Last Days On Earth (The Sign Records)

Last Days On Earth is the third studio album by Swedish Rock band Svartanatt, and follows their 2016 self-titled debut as well as their 2018 sophomore full-length Starry Eagle Eyes. Recorded in Svenska Grammofonstudion, Last Days On Earth offers 11 new cuts of hard hitting retro rock that will appeal very nicely to fans of..

Dictator Ship – Electric Jihad (The Sign Records)

There's a veritable "brotherhood" of Scandi bands indulging in high energy, retro, 60's influenced punky rock, all loving their soul and doo-wop influences but blended with high energy up-front rock'n'roll. Märvel are one stand-out crew in this genre, Dictator Ship are another! A frenetic foursome channelling their inner obsessions of 60’s soul, inspired by early..

Green King – Hidden Beyond Time (The Sign Records)

Spoiler Alert - this is NOT some sort of alcohol-fuelled musicians' collaboration with a British brewery! This particular brew of Green King is in fact a Finnish heavy metal group, and Hidden Beyond Time is their debut album! And exceptionally good it is too - in fact any self-respecting fan of NWOBHM bands (Iron Maiden..

Märvel – Graces Came With Malice (The Sign Records)

Märvel is a Swedish high-energy rock band which formed in 2002 that delights in offering a solid hard rock mixed with a little glam/sleaze rock. The guys spent a year in the States on a high school exchange to Colorado which has obviously influenced the musical development of the band, so you do get a..

Velvets – Velvets (The Sign Records)

In 1973/4, in my late teens, one never-to-be-forgotten episode of the OGWT featured two new bands that totally wowed me to the extent that I rushed out and bought both debut albums the next day. One band was Sassafras, the legendary Welsh rockers, the other was a trio called Blue - the original, excellent proper..