CYHRA | release new album ‘The Vertigo Trigger’ + single/video ‘Ashlight’

Photo: Linda Florin. Four years after the release of their previous studio album No Halos in Hell, CYHRA proudly present their new album The Vertigo Trigger. The Swedes' third full-length has been released today, and it perfectly reflects what the melodic metal band stands for: ear-splitting riffs, catchy choruses and plenty of melodies that make the band truly stand out. ..

CYHRA | release third single ‘IF I’ + new visualizer video

Photo: Linda Florin With only a month left until the release of CYHRA's new album The Vertigo Trigger, the Swedes today deliver the album's third single IF I. The melodic metallers, based around singer Jake E (ex-Amaranthe) and guitarists Jesper Strömblad (The Halo Effect/ex-In Flames) and Euge Valovirta (ex-Shining), offer a track brimming with tuneful heaviness, ear-worm riffs, and a striking chorus. The track especially salutes the..