Arriving only a few months after Warm Winter - his 2011 album with Giancarlo Erra - re-released as Memories Of Machines, is the latest studio album by Tim Bowness, Butterfly Mind, and it has a case for claiming to be one of the more unexpected releases of his career. Unexpected in the sense that, on..

Tim Bowness & Giancarlo Erra announce 10th anniversary reissue of Warm Winter

THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY EXPANDED EDITION OF TIM BOWNESS AND GIANCARLO ERRA'S 2011 ALBUM WARM WINTER TO BE RELEASED AS MEMORIES OF MACHINES Released 25th February 2022 (Kscope) An expanded and remixed, 10th Anniversary version of Tim Bowness and Giancarlo Erra's 2011 album Warm Winter (now issued as Memories Of Machines, the original project name) will be released on 25th February through Kscope.  Giancarlo (left); Tim (right) Featuring contributions from Robert Fripp, Peter Hammill, Julianne..