Social Disorder – Time To Rise (Pride & Joy Music)

Social Disorder is a project put together by the Swedish musician Anders La Rönnblom of Killer Bee, X-Romance and Wolfpakk renown with the debut album being 2021's Love 2 Be Hated which was a spectacular hard rock album that Rönnblom wrote as a warts and all, cathartic release of all the personal demons that had haunted him..

LUTHARO – announce new album »Chasing Euphoria«; music video for new digital single ‘Time To Rise’ released

Melodic metal outfit LUTHARO return with a cacophony of all that is metal! The Canadian metallers bring forth their signature mixture of traditional heavy, melodic death and thrash metal plus more on their latest effort, Chasing Euphoria, the follow-up to their critically lauded debut full-length »Hiraeth.« Due out on March 15, 2024 via Atomic Fire Records, Chasing Euphoria is as destructive and violent as it is..