Lyle Workman – Uncommon Measures (Blue Canoe Records)

For every musician who makes it big time and becomes a household name then there surely must be a thousand or more similarly talented musicians that remain virtually unknown yet they are the ones that ensures that the musical merry-go-round keeps rotating. The American musician, song writer and producer Lyle Workman is just such a..

LYLE WORKMAN – ‘Uncommon Measures’ : guitarist/composer to release stunning prog, jazz, rock & classical infused new album out 19 February (digital) 16 April (CD) via Blue Canoe Records

Lyle Workman hasn't just had a successful career - he's had three. As a versatile sideman and session guitarist, he has toured and recorded with Beck, Sting, Frank Black, Todd Rundgren, Norah Jones, Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Jellyfish, Ziggy Marley and Tony Williams; as a film composer, his credits include the blockbusters Superbad, The 40..