Attic – Return Of The Witchfinder (Ván Records)

Germany’s satanic heavy metallers Attic are here once again when we need another dose of falsetto vocals so desperately. I have given up on waiting for the infinitely delayed new King Diamond and Mercyful Fate albums, so this is a much welcome return. Attic have never been fast on putting out new material, but this..

The Night Eternal – Fatale (Ván Records)

I’ve been following these guys ever since their debut self-titled EP in 2019 and each of their releases has so far managed to exceed my high expectations. The debut full length Moonlit Cross easily topped my annual top-albums list with its fantastic take on classic heavy metal with a sinister and ominous mood. Fortunately, we..

The Night Eternal – Moonlit Cross (Ván Records)

The Night Eternal is a new band from Essen, Germany, which made a great start with an excellent eponymous EP back in 2019. Now, the full-length debut Moonlit Cross is ready for release on November 5th, through Ván Records. The style of the band is epic, old school heavy metal, with a very sinister vibe..