Vanden Plas unveils highly anticipated album “The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things” out April 19th via Frontiers Music

Vanden Plas, the esteemed German progressive rock group, is excited to reveal the upcoming release of their latest album, The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things scheduled to drop on April 19th . After a hiatus of four years since their last album, the band makes a triumphant return with an enthralling assortment of tracks,..

Vanden Plas – Live & Immortal (Frontiers Music)

Any true rock fan will always be excited by the release of a new album by the German progressive metal masters especially as the band is currently in the form of its life. The band has always released excellent metal albums, delighting in experimenting and pushing the very boundaries of rock. The two previous works..

VANDEN PLAS – THE GHOST XPERIMENT – ILLUMINATION new album LP / CD / digital out 04 November 2020 on Frontiers Music

A year ago, the German progressive metal act Vanden Plas delivered The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening, the first half of a two part concept album. It ended on a cliff hanger whereby, during a séance, the main protagonist Gideon Grace at last encounters the ghosts that have haunted him since childhood. Ghosts? Exactly! The dramatic..

Vanden Plas – Ghost Xperiment -Awakening (Frontiers Music)

So, how do you follow the quite magnificent and sublime Chronicles Of The Immortal World Parts One and Two, the outrageously epic sci-fi collaboration the band produced with the German author Wolfgang Hohlbein? Well, you start by taking time to recharge the batteries and then make a triumphant return, albeit a slightly delayed one, with..