Acolyte reveal next instalment ‘Recovery’ (Unplugged) reimagined at Oaklands Studios

ACOLYTE RELEASE REIMAGINED 'RECOVERY' FROM 'RECOVERY' (UNPLUGGED) EP Watch Music video for 'Recovery' UnpluggedWatch Music video for 'Resilience' (Unplugged) Pre-save 'Recovery' (Unplugged) Out 1st July [WILD THING RECORDS/BLOOD BLAST DISTRIBUTION] FFO - Dream Theater, Opeth, Epica, Rush, Anathema, Witchwood WHAT THE MEDIA SAY ABOUT ACOLYTE'S ALBUM 'ENTROPY' "Reminiscent of Riverside in scope & diversity, Entropy is a potent and impressive..

Voyager announce participation in “Eurovision – Australia Decides”!!

Perth's Epic-Electro-Progressive-Pop-Metal titans make moves to take the crown to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022 in Italy. Voyager - 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' Announcement Perth's premier prog/pop outfit, VOYAGER, have announced that they are going to be a part of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'!They will be up for selection to be 2022's Australian contingent to take..

Alex Canion – ‘Birthmark’ EP (Independent)

Best known for being the charismatic bass player & backing vocalist of the Australian progressive metal band VOYAGER, Perth based musician Alex Canion takes the helm to navigate through the murky waters of alternative/heavy rock with his debut solo release, Birthmark, released independently on 25 October - his birthday! Alex Canion The title of the..

Sign On for ‘A VOYAGE Through Time’ this Sunday September 5th!

AN INVITATION....JOIN THE BAND FOR 'A VOYAGE THROUGH TIME'THIS SUNDAY A Voyage Through Time' sees Australia's Epic Electro Progressive Power Prog Metal titans in Voyager present a one of a kind visual and aural performance that outlines the progression of their musical career in a unique 90 minute online show. Voyager 🎟️ Tickets:  An online live experience with full production, a journey across 2..

VOYAGER tease online show ‘A Voyage Through Time’ 🚀

Electro Prog Sensation VOYAGER will transmit to the universe a special edition online show direct from Perth, Western Australia this September. Following the success of their debut online show that served fans during the first lockdown, Voyager has now expanded their horizons and announced a unique once in a lifetime performance that spans the band's extensive career...