September 19, 2020


FFO: Code Orange, Korn, Slipknot

Things are heating up in the Tallah camp as we edge closer to the release of their highly anticipated full length album Matriphagy, out on October 2nd 2020 via Earache Records. It’s been a wild ride for Tallah thus far, with the band revealing both music videos and concept videos to really immerse onlookers into connecting with the story. In a bid to continue to disturb, shock and electrify fans – Tallah are here to boast yet another music video that reveals another part of the tale of Matriphagy. That video is L.E.D.!



Justin Bonitz – Vocals

Max Portnoy – Drums

Derrick Schneider – Guitar

Andrew Cooper – Bass


Tallah’s frontman Justin Bonitz reveals that “L.E.D. is my personal favourite song on Matriphagy. To me, this is the essence of that old school, 90s nu metal fused with 2020 hardcore, and some sludge. We have rapping, turntables, driving guitars, groovy drums, and some funky-ass bass, all over a weird time signature. The track is pretty weird and unpredictable as a whole. Vocally, I love to sing this song! The chorus is bound to get people pumped up, and the final breakdown should be illegal.”

Presenting yet more of the twisted narrative underlining their forthcoming concept album Matriphagy, the act set to #MAKEMETALDISTURBINGAGAIN features Youtube sensation Justin Bonitz and second generation drummer Max Portnoy at the songwriting helm.

Justin further explains where this song sits within the concept: “In terms of Matriphagy, this song takes place right after Placenta. Lyrically, it represents a relapse (non-drug/alcohol-related). With Matriphagy being a concept album, all the songs flow into each other, especially the lyrics. The themes build and revolve around the other tracks, and L.E.D. relies heavily on the messages from Placenta and Overconfidence. If Overconfidence is about realizing your flaws/who is controlling you, and Placenta is about cutting loose from that, L.E.D. is about being a coward, turning back/giving in, getting angry you were not strong enough to deal with the situation, but blaming it all on someone else instead of taking responsibility for your own failure.”


“Fresh in an urgent way – with an extra jolt of modern anxiety”Kerrang!

“Unnerving, anxious, emotive and disturbing”Loudwire

“Nu Metal is shaping up as the most influential sound of 2020 and Tallah are here to prove it”Metal Hammer

“Strong Slipknot vibes! Fresh talent: an unnerving display of sonic/visual art”Guitar World

Creepy, hyper-kinetic and unhinged… A simultaneous love for modern metallic hardcore leaders like Code Orange, Vein and Candy and Nu Metal era favourites like Slipknot, Korn and Linkin Park”– Revolver

“Tallah is chaos! A total trip, it fits right in with modern metal titans like Code Orange, Vein and Candy.” – Metal Injection


Matriphagy Track List
?. [????????]
?. ?? ??? ?????? ???? ????
?. ??????
?. ??????????????
?. ????????
?. ?.?.?.
?. ??? ????
?. ??, ??? ???
?. ??? ????? ?? ??????
??. ???????????
??. ?????? ????
??. ??? ?????????? ?? ????
??. ??? ?????


Tallah recently announced that they have signed with K2 Agency. They join a roster with the likes of Metallica, Gojira, Mastodon and more – meaning fans should get excited for Tallah’s touring efforts in 2021. Matriphagy is available to pre order from Earache’s website, including limited edition vinyl, signed editions and merch bundles. For more updates on Matriphagy, follow the band on the  social media links below, and for more from the Earache Records roster, check out their website also linked below.