October 21, 2020

Tanna is a melodic rock band from Finland with quite a history behind it having initial being formed in the mid-’80s by the singer and guitarist Tapani ‘Tanna’ Tikkanen. The debut, Unelmien Viidakossa was released in 1985 with a live album following it up shortly afterwards and the final studio album, Onnensoturi, being put out in 1987 before the band folded in 1989.

Photo: Minna Asp/MimosArt.

Tikkanen resurrected the band again as a project in 1993 with a new line-up but he shelved it again two years later. He then concentrated on his new band Prayer which was another melodic rock outfit and they released three albums but it seems that Tanna has remained unfinished business for Tikkanen so now have the third version of the band with yet another new line-up.

This time around they are Tikkanen on vocals and guitar, Jukka Ihme on guitar, Ville Hanhisuanto on drums, Mika Pohjola on keyboards, Jaakko Konttila on bass with guest’s Jimi Ahlroos on saxophone and Inga Soder on backing vocals. As with the earlier versions of Tanna, Tikkanen retains his love for AOR and melodic rock with inspirations seemingly taken from ’80s melodic rock bands like Whitesnake, Royal Hunt, Talisman and Europe. Tikkanen has built a strong band around him and it remains to be seen whether this is just another short re-invention or if the intention is for it to be a much longer lasting entity. Tapani Tikkanen has a traditional rock voice that is mellow but with a slight rough edge that hints at long night of whisky and cigarettes but is still clean and powerful and this drives much of the Tanna signature sound. Jukka Ihme is a talent on the guitar and lays down some lovely lead breaks with swathes of keyboards coming from Mika Pohjola creating a lush background for the others weave their magic.

Storm In Paradise is typical of the AOR coming out of Scandinavia being very much infused with all things Americana and if you like your melodic rock with an extra bite then you could do much worse than invest in Tanna. Tapani Tikkanen hasn’t re-invented the wheel but he has put together a fine melodic rock album with some great hook filled songs and a talented team of musicians to help him bring the latest version of the band to life.

Storm In Paradise track list

  1. Storm In Paradise (5:37)
  2. Silhouettes (4:26)
  3. Run Like Hell Tonight (5:03)
  4. Like Kim Kardashian (4:04)
  5. Hispaniola (5:41)
  6. This Town Ain’t Big Enough (4:11)
  7. Mysterious Fire (4:20)
  8. On The Backstreets (6:13)
  9. Sharks In The Water (3:53)
  10. Lonely Day (5:05)
  11. Old And Grey (3:24)
  12. The Last Mile (4:09)
  13. Nights On The Road (6:11)