January 21, 2023

This is the debut release by the band Tarmat which comes from Niterói in Brazil with Out Of The Blue being a mature, confident and very easy listening melodic/AOR album.

Tarmat was born in 2020 when the four friends Alexandre Daumerie (vocals), Eduardo Marcolino (guitars), Gabriel Aquino (keyboards), and José Marcus (bass) decided to combine their skills although Eduardo and Gabriel had previously played together in the instrumental progressive rock band Anxtron. They had a collective love of all things melodic and together with the drummer Rafael Marcolino they recorded the album over the last two years which also meant having to deal with all the ensuing restrictions caused by the global pandemic. All difficulties were successfully overcome and we now have the quite delightful Out Of The Blue before us for which the members of the band should all be very pleased with.

As with all things AOR and melodic rock the album is steeped in the sounds and style of the 1980s and you will easily pick up so many influences from the period with elements reminding of Asia, Journey, Christopher Cross, Toto, Survivor and many others too. Singer Alexandre Daumerie is the real star of the show with his vocals which are very reminiscent of Chris Cross and delivered in wonderfully clear and precise English so much so that you would automatically assume that Tarmat is an American AOR band. The songs are clever and well compiled with all of the usual hooks and vocal harmonies that make AOR such a refined and pleasurable experience. There is plenty of neat interplay between the guitar of Eduardo Marcolino and the exquisite keys of Gabriel Aquino making this an exceptional debut from a band with a delicious stadium rock appeal.

It’s really pleasing to see an ever-increasing number of melodic rock bands making new and exciting music and the glory days of the ’80s may never return but with new bands like Tarmat coming on to the scene then AOR has a promising and vibrant future.

Out Of The Blue

  1. Backbone Feeling (5:34)
  2. Out Of The Blue (4:19)
  3. Moving Backwards (4:41)
  4. Gibberish (4:05)
  5. Rosetta Stone (4:11)
  6. More Than Less (3:46)
  7. Your Enemy (4:33)
  8. True Colors (4:04)
  9. Dinner’s On The House (4:14)
  10. The Knight (2:50)

Out Of The Blue is out now on Frontiers Records