February 2, 2024

Northern Italy’s Tears’ Heaven are set to release the studio recorded album “Godfall” in 2024. On February 9, the group will share the first single leading up to the release; the monumental title track and visually stunning music video “Godfall”. 

Tears’ Heaven emerges as a beacon of musical reverence, tasked with divulging the forgotten story of a fallen god and the loss of his divine nature, perpetrated by other deities. The four band members are his last followers and, as such, they have the purpose of spreading his word to prevent its fall into oblivion.

Led by the enigmatic personas of Atlas Heaven, Jericho, Legiōn, and The Priest, Tears’ Heaven weaves a sonic narrative infused with Anglo/Swedish alternative rock influences reminiscent of acts like Ghost, Magna Carta Cartel, White Lies, and Editors. Their music, characterized by haunting minor keys, ethereal Gregorian choirs, evocative rhythms, and rich melodies, delivers an almost ritualistic experience. Each performance becomes a hypnotic theatrical display, enveloped in a mystical ambiance, where the audience becomes an integral part of the narrative.

Formerly recognized as TRST, the band released the album “Origine,” via Artesonika Records in 2018. Their notable live performances, including a sold-out show at Lupus in Fabula (supporting Messa) and a captivating gig at Arci Cral, testify to their gripping stage presence.

Beyond Tears’ Heaven, the band members are actively involved in diverse musical ventures such as Anomelia (modern rock) and Io, Lassie e il Super-Io (rock/indie). Past projects like Great Escape, Golden Years, Absent Minded, and Total 13 underscore the versatility to the band’s members. 

Will you join the creed?

“Godfall” was recorded and produced by Ivan Moni Bidin and Christopher Burelli, mixed by Ivan Moni Bidin and master by Staffan Karlsson. The single was recorded at Artesonika Recording Studio in Pordenone, Italy.