April 23, 2021

OK, Temple Balls may be a moniker that causes the odd schoolboy snigger but behind the name is a rather fine melodic heavy rock band from Finland. Formed in 2009, Pyromide is the band’s third album of high octane, in your face heavy rock fairly typical of Scandinavian metal and similar to the likes of Crazy Lixx and Crashdiet. The album is produced by Jona Tee, the keyboard player with Swedish hard rock band H.E.A.T. and he also brings this influence to Temple Balls so expect the usual heady mixture of anthemic rock, lots of vocal harmonies and plenty of hooks. Sweden’s Europe pretty much set the template for Scandinavian hard rock and nearly all of the bands that have followed have pretty much stuck to the foundations set by the impeccable Swede’s to a greater or lesser extent and Temple Balls are no exception to the rule.

There is a little bump ‘n’ grind swagger to their sound too as the band incorporates a little sleaze to their delivery which gives them a slightly dangerous edge and makes them just a little different. The band’s profile has steadily been increasing over the recent years and they have opened for some pretty big names with Queen and Deep Purple and all this experience has helped them to make the next step in the evolution of the group. By all reports, this is a band that comes alive on stage so they must be desperate to take this quality rock album on the road. Vocals are courtesy of Arde Teronen and he has something of a sound of Joey Tempest about him complete with a Steven Tyler drawl which makes him a thrilling prospect and he asserts himself over the frantic riffing and soloing of the twin guitar team of Jiri Paavonaho and Niko Vuorela. Keeping them all on a steady but most thundering path are Jimi Välikangas on bass and Antti Hissa on drums, as hard a working rhythm section as you will ever come across. Jona Tee contributes keyboards and backing vocals too so that the music always remains melodic and very easy on the ear.

Pyromide is an enticing and pleasing hard melodic rock album that blasts out of the speakers like an old friend and if you are a fan of Scandinavian melodic rock then you will know exactly what you are going to get and they do it very well indeed.

Pyromide track list

  1. Thunder From The North (3:40)
  2. Long Ways, Long Lies (3:33)
  3. T.O.T.C. (3:17)
  4. Fallen Youth (3:25)
  5. Bad Bad Bad (3:44)
  6. What Is Dead Never Dies (3:17)
  7. Unholy Night (4:27)
  8. Heart Of A Warrior (4:59)
  9. You Better Run (3:21)
  10. If Only I Could (5:28)
  11. Something To Die For (4:37)