October 29, 2021

The Finnish hard rock band Temple Balls released their high octane third album last year with Pyromide being a thrill a minute rock album of typically friendly Scandinavian melodic rock and roll. Chocked full of great tunes and delivered with fantastic spirit and with a great sense of fun too, the band was due to tour the new album with H.E.A.T. but Covid put an end to all of the marketing plans.

This new EP of live material was recorded during tour rehearsals but has now been released on digital platforms and made available too on YouTube so that the fans can a t least see and hear what the band is up to. The performance features five songs and all are from the recent Pyromide album giving around 21-minutes of infectious rock with great riffs and solos plus a marvellous vocal performance from Arde Teronen which is to savour. If you are looking for an upbeat rock album then listen to Pyromide and then this live set particularly the glorious Bad Bad Bad which is a real stadium rocker and reminiscent of Bon Jovi at the height of the band’s popularity.

The tour has now been put back to 2022 but if you want a sneak preview of what is on offer then give this great mini performance a check.

The Studio Session 2021 EP

  1. Thunder From The North (3:51)
  2. Fallen Youth (3:27)
  3. Bad Bad Bad (3:52)
  4. Unholy Night (4:35)
  5. Heart Of A Warrior (4:59)