August 5, 2023

Terra Atlantica is a German power metal band that is part symphonic and part pirate rock but totally legitimate, exciting and gloriously tongue-in-cheek power metal.

Beyond The Borders follows on from the story arc that began with 2020’s Age Of Steam which was an ingenious concept album straight out of the Avantasia, Helloween, Edguy, Freedom Call and Running Wild story writing book with Terra Atlantica specialising in tall tales of Empire building and epic sea-faring tales in a fantasy/parallel universe set in Europe in an alternative 19th Century. The story line concerns the mythic land of Atlantis, the industrial revolution and a certain amount of treachery in pursuit of power by the British Empire. Give the album a listen and read up on the enterprising and exciting storyline around which the band laid down an epic and stirring power metal score.

The latest release picks up the story in 1848 and is set around 20-years after the events on Age Of Steam with the oppressive Prussian Empire stepping into the political vacuum following the defeat of the British leading to a team of gallant sailors fighting back against the new Empire, the continued search for Atlantis and also involving a stone with magical properties. This obviously means that the band could only ever be either progressive rock or power metal as both delight in the wondrously absurd and in taking crazy concepts and turning them into wonderful musical works.

The band was formed in 2011 and has seen several changes with just the singer and guitarist Tristan Harders and drummer Nico Hauschildt remaining and they now have Julian Prüfer on bass and Dawid Wieczorek on lead guitar with guest appearances on the new album from Anders Sköld (Veonity), Alex Hunzinger (Ex-Aeternitas) and Joan Pabon (Tragedian). Nautical themes abound throughout with some clever nods to a few well-known themes which you will know when you hear them and there is also some pretty neat sax thrown in as well. Part rock theatre and totally rollickingly good fun, this is power metal to put a smile on your face and you cannot help but be drawn into the joviality in the project and the band put in 200% effort so it is definitely over-the top and then some more for good measure!

The album has a glorious epic feel throughout with stirring orchestration, wonderful vocal harmonies, the odd shanty or two and some quite sublime instrumentation. It’s pleasing to see a band having fun with a fantasy concept work and being both serious and just a little bit silly at the same time. This album will definitely put a smile on your face and is a perfect example of power metal, rock theatre and maybe just a little bit of good old British pantomime all combining in fine fashion.

Approach Beyond The Borders with an open mind and you will have a great deal of fun spending a little time in the new world that they have created.

Beyond The Borders

  1. Overture (2:07)
  2. The Scarlet Banners (4:52)
  3. Far from Alive (4:58)
  4. Beyond the Borders (4:49)
  5. Sun of Pontevedra (4:45)
  6. Guns and Drums (1:25)
  7. Just One Look (3:21)
  8. Hellfire (4:12)
  9. Pirate Bay (3:57)
  10. The Great Escape (8:25)
  11. Take us Home (5:15)