December 20, 2020

The Advent Equation is a progressive metal band from Monterey, Mexico and apparently started out in 2006 when it was known simply as Advent and was primarily an Opeth covers band playing a combination of melodic death metal and progressive metal. The band changed the name to The Advent Equation in 2012 and also released the debut album Limitless Life Reflections in the same year.

It’s taken eight years but the band is now back with album number two and a slightly tweaked line-up with the original members Margil H. Vallejo on vocals and bass, Roberto Charles on drums and Luis Gomez on guitar. Carlos Licea is the new man on piano and keyboards and he replaces Esau García which now leaves the band as a four piece as the former vocalist and guitarist Daniel Cordoba has left the band and not been replaced. On the debut it appears that Vallejo supplied the clean vocals and Cordoba the darker ones but they were not growls by any means and they did combine very well. I suppose comparisons with bands like Opeth and Edge Of Sanity were always going to be made given the aggressive nature of the music but Limitless Life Reflections remains an impressive and most effective debut.

So, the standard has been set high for the next instalment and the band has very much continued with a style that the musicians are comfortable with and has served them really well in the past. The new album again has the conflicting shades of light and dark so often seen in melodic death metal but the band has taken a very firm step towards progressive metal as the grows are kept to a minimum which has, for me at least, has made a huge difference to the bands overall sound. Vallejo has a commanding, clear voice with a powerful delivery and a similarity to James LaBrie which will stand him and the band in good stead. Indeed, there are still some similarities with the likes of Opeth but these are much diminished with the band now firmly operating in the same territory as Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Redemption. The songs are technical and complex as is expected being prog metal and the quality of playing from the band is exception and is a perfect example of the musician’s technical wizardry. The keyboards and guitar work is mightily impressive with some fantastic interplay and reminds of the brilliance of Artension. Carlos Licea is a wonderful pianist and his keyboard runs are an absolute joy and real highpoints on the record. Luis Gomez is mercurial on the guitar and has definitely been to the John Petrucci school of guitar playing and his riffs and solos are simply intense and amazing. Each song is a truly powerful work and the band slowly builds up the tension which explodes on the two part Creation which closes the album.

I do not know what the band has been doing in the last eight years but it is obvious that they have grown exponentially and, even thought the debut was a confident and brilliantly executed album, Remnants Of Oblivion has elevated the band to a new level entirely. It is an almost perfect example of progressive metal that rocks from beginning to end and takes your breath away with its magnificent scope and delivery. I just love the band logo, very eye catching and the album art is first class but it is the music that truly matters and on the matter

The Advent Equation have triumphed, simply wonderful.

Remnants Of Oblivion track list

  1. Ignition (3:19)
  2. Patterns Of Spiraling Reality (6:20)
  3. Remnants Of Oblivion (7:12)
  4. An Eternal Moment (7:32)
  5. Facing The Absolute (4:11)
  6. Balance Through Extinction (4:24)
  7. The Creation Part I: Hypnos (2:57)
  8. The Creation Part II: Thanatos (8:28)