March 4, 2022

The Anix is an electro-rock project that is the brainchild of the Los Angeles based musician, composer and producer Brandon Smith. The route taken to market by Brandon Smith seems to be the reverse of most projects. Smith formed the band in 2001 and initially brought in his brother Logan and Chris Dinger with them then going through the usual touring and album release cycle before Brandon decided to rebrand as a studio project and it now appears that he has reduced even further to make The Anix a solo studio project so it appears that he has gone full circle.

There have been several albums released recently and it looks like there is also an instrumental mix of the album available too so check carefully before you order. The music is very much modern electro with hypnotic beats and dreamy vocals with a hint of Depeche Mode but there is far more of a sound of the classy French electro band Air. Swathes of synths with a pleasing melody make for a most interesting musical experience with genuinely thrilling vocals making this more indie electro pop rather than minimalist and brutally dark electro which can be so discordant. Smith has a rich and laid back vocal delivery which blends perfectly with the easy going rhythms and there are several guests providing additional vocals giving the album a real taste of the exotic.

If you are into bands like Air especially in Kelly Watch The Stars mode then you most definitely will enjoy what The Anix have to offer.


  1. My Eyes (5:12
  2. Below (4:53)
  3. The Anix & INHUMAN – Quicksand (4:53)
  4. Follow (3:46)
  5. The Anix & Blush Response – Levitate (4:51)
  6. Don’t Let The Outside Win (4:23)
  7. Want U Like I Do (4:42
  8. Unveil (5:02)
  9. The Anix & Julien-K – ANTILIFE (feat. Amir Derakh) (3:42)
  10. Crimson (4:27)
  11. DSPTCH (3:13)
  12. The Anix & Intrelock – Pretend (4:40)
  13. The Anix & Julien-K – Your Lies Are Like Fire (4:10)
  14. Erase The Outside World (3:36)
  15. The Anix & Julien-K – Where Is My Mind (Acoustic Live) (3:39)