April 4, 2023

An old saying is often paraphrased as ‘stick with what you know’ which most people in all walks of life mainly adhere to but then you also get those who love experimentation and are not afraid to move out of their comfort zone and try something different.

Plaudits therefore should be awarded to the celebrated guitarist George Lynch of Lynch Mob, The End Machine and Dokken fame for his collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist and programmer Joe Haze (Primitive Race, Lords of Acid) which began around 8-years ago and the addition of vocalist Devix Szell in 2020 has now led to their debut album Machine + Bone. I expect most people, and I readily admit that I was one of those, will see the name George Lynch and expect this new band to be some sort of heavy yet melodic rock band full of trademark searing guitar but that assumption would be well wide of the mark as what we have here is a dark industrial rock album full of brooding menace over which Lynch lays down some very expressive guitar breaks and a series of crunching riffs accompanied by pounding synths and industrial strength programmed bass and drums. Devix Szell is a name I do not know and he brings a distinctly punk aggression to the project which is totally in keeping with the intense staccato attack laid down by Haze with Lynch’s guitar paradoxically outside what is happening yet still internally part of the overwhelming whole and sounds bizarre but it really does work. The album also features guest vocals from Tommy Victor (Prong) and Richard Patrick (Filter) and it was Victor who gave the band their name which is actually the title of a Prong song. The contrast of slick guitars and industrial beats is a curious one making this and is another record that demands to be played as loud as possible to get the most from the portentous and intense hardcore on offer.

It can be a challenging work but sometimes you need something that needs commitment from both sides so be prepared to give it a few spins to allow the music to fall neatly into place.

Machine + Bone

  1. Reaction (5:29)
  2. Max Pain (feat Richard Patrick) (3:48)
  3. Right (feat Tommy Victor) (4:57)
  4. Lost Horizon (5:49), The Dread (feat Jason Charles Miller) (4:41)
  5. Reunion (5:12)
  6. Terra Nullius (5:40)
  7. Got What You Wanted (4:27)
  8. Terror (feat Tommy Victor) (4:11)
  9. Machine And Bone (4:43)