May 25, 2022

The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian rock band which formed in Ontario around 2000 and was originally known as Imagica after the Clive Barker book of the same name. However, they changed this to The Birthday Party in 2002 in time for the release of the debut album Nothing & Nowhere.

Once again, this is another of those bands of which I had previously been unaware and then finally you hear an album and wonder how the hell you have not come across them before and how you have managed to live without their beautiful, ethereal and vitally life-affirming music in your life? Simply put, The Birthday Massacre is a darkwave band that incorporates electronica and gothic rock into their sound which gives an idea of the band but you simply have to listen to them to realise just how beautiful and invigorating the band and its music is. For sure, the base of the lush and all encompassing sound is back in ’80s electronic and synth rock but they have moved with the times and developed and progressed into the supremely confident and amazingly talented band that we find on Fascination. It only takes one listen to realise that this is a record that will stay with you for life as it is just so heart-achingly beautiful but it also has that core of melancholy or darkness if you will that raises you to heaven but still manages to send a shiver down your spine! You can detect elements of just about any synth band in their sound from Gary Numan through Depeche Mode, Everything But The Girl, Propaganda and Röyksopp through to Florence And The Machine and Goldfrapp. These seem to be among the influences that the musicians have absorbed but they definitely have their own sound and it is 100% The Birthday Massacre.

A few musicians have come and gone over the years but the band now appears to be original members Sara ‘Chibi Taylor on lead vocals, Michael Falcore on lead guitar and programming and Michael Rainbow on rhythm guitar and programming with Owen Mackinder on keyboards, Phillip Elliot on drums and Brett Carruthers on bass. Sara Taylor has a beautiful, ethereal delivery with real magic in her delivery that truly thrills with the musicians creating a beautiful, lush and cinematic soundscape over which she sings her songs and paints her stories like some modern day Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo.

Trust me, to hear this band is like falling in love for the first time when the world and colours seem so much more vibrant, vivid and alive but the real beauty here is that the love affair with The Birthday Massacre will never end! Fascination is now the bands ninth album which means that I have some catching up to do as this is one band that you will want to listen to their entire catalogue. If you a fan of synth based rock and dreamy, atmospheric and cinematic music then you have to check out this wonderful band as this album is sheer poetic genius.


  1. Fascination (5:03)
  2. Dreams Of You (3:22)
  3. Cold Lights (4:17)
  4. Stars And Satellites (4:14)
  5. One More Time (4:34)
  6. Like Fear, Like Love (4:24)
  7. Once Again (3:57)
  8. Precious Hearts (4:25)
  9. The End Of All Stories (4:23)