November 10, 2020

THE BLOODSHOTS release new single No Way Outout now on Golden Robot Records.

The Bloodshots are a true rock & roll band from Western Canada. Winnipeg-ish to be precise, the home to some of Canada’s great bands

Their never-say-die attitude fuels the engine under the hood pushes these denim-clad rockers further down the heart-worn highway of busted bottles and broken promises. Destination? Rock & roll Damnation. Singer CJ‘s in-your-face vocals cut over ripping guitars as the ear-drum assault announces that a high-energy stage performance is about to engage the audience with pure raw power.

Their new single, No Way Out, out now via Golden Robot Records, is a rock anthem that grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go for 3 and a half minutes. The guys produce that loud rock sound with a catchy chorus that they’ve been known for. Lyrically, frontman CJ Loane brings out his demons for the party and you’re all invited. Buckle up world.

The Bloodshots are a rock band from Western Canada. Performing alongside Rock music’s greats including Finger Eleven, Buckcherry, Danko Jones, Moist, Econoline Crush, One Bad Son, Three Days Grace, Monster Truck, Steel Panther, SLASH, The Lazys, Jet Set Satellite, Hawthorne Heights and Senses Fail among many more.

From small town dives to casino stages and concert halls, these blue-collar boys have proven that they have what it takes to grab the next rung of the ladder. With the support of Canadian FM Rock and Indigenous stations The Bloodshots have been expanding their listener base aggressively. Growing traction on streaming platforms has proven to bolster their already rapidly expanding base of fans through repeat listeners and playlist placement. Online might be your best shot at hearing the band on recording since they can’t quite seem to keep any physical copies on hand: that’s how quickly they’re selling them out, *but it doesn’t stop there… *

A sliver of success is never enough, no matter the size, when you’re on your long way to the top. The band has partnered with legendary rock & roll producer Steve Rizun for their coming release. Steve’s penchant for pulling the meanest leanest no-foolin’-est sound out of musicians is a perfect coupling with The Bloodshots’ buck-shot ferocity.

The momentum built by working with past producers Dale Penner, John Paul Peters, Sean Dealy and now Rizun is propelling this freight train right through the station. It ain’t stopping until there is no more track to run!

You don’t need to be certified donkey-brains-free to see that The Bloodshots are the next big thing in Canadian rock music, but it is a no-brainer.