March 24, 2024

We now come to the third album by The End Machine which is something of supergroup originally put together by three ex-Dokken musicians in guitarist George Lynch (of Lynch Mob fame), bassist Jeff Pilson (also of Foreigner) and drummer Mick Brown along with the Warrant vocalist Robert Mason. The idea behind the new band was to recreate the classic Dokken sound which was an ambitious statement given that Dokken remains a fully active band! Whatever the reasoning, The End Machine put out two quality hard rock albums in their self-titled debut in 2019 and Phase2 in 2021 with both being very well received.

We now have the third instalment with the equally hard-rocking, classic old school album The Quantum Phase which neatly follows on from what has gone before and shows the gap between ’70s rock and today is not very large at all! Mick Brown has since retired with his place taken by younger brother Steve which proved to be a seamless handover but it is the change in the vocal department that makes shockwaves with the impressive Robert Mason moving on the be replaced by the new Indian sensation Girish Pradham of Girish and the Chronicles – another band most worthy of investigation.

Of course, there is a Dokken sound and how could there not be but overall it is traditional hard rock that is played beautifully and with skill and precision too. We all know about Lynch’s prowess and he again shows his class and his combination with Pilson is perfect which it should be given that they know each other inside out with Steve Brown slotting in perfectly which neatly brings us on to Girish Pradham. He has a perfect hard rock voice with a transatlantic flavour so he is sure to have a stellar career but I hope he has this alongside The Chronicles as they to are a band to savour. The songs are concise and hook laden and sound comfortably familiar which allows them to be easily appreciated and, as usual, you can only sit back and admire the skillset of the musicians.

The Quantum Phase is not a new sound but a powerful update on what went before with the old stagers still having much to offer and when you have a lust for life as they obviously have then anything is possible.

The Quantum Phase

  1. Black Hole Extinction (4:36)
  2. Silent Winter (5:45)
  3. Killer of the Night (4:55)
  4. Hell or High Water (4:51)
  5. Stand Up (4:25)
  6. Burning Man (4:15)
  7. Shattered Glass Heart (5:26)
  8. Time (5:14)
  9. Hunted (4:41)
  10. Stranger in the Mirror (4:54)
  11. Into the Blazing Sun (2:46)