September 24, 2022

Another new project from Frontiers and one that will most certainly make everyone sit up and take notice as this is a truly special album from a team of musicians who have produced an album that is truly magical.

The band is made up of three – yes three – simply divine singers in Justine Daaé, Mizuho Lin and Nicoletta Rosellini and, collectively, what a team they make. All three are from well established rock bands with the French artist Justine Daaé from the Gothic rock band Elyose, Mizuho Lin is a member of the Brazilian symphonic/dark metal outfit Semblant and Nicoletta Rosellini performs with the Italian rock units Walk In Darkness and Kalidia so they bring a wealth of experience to the project and the chemistry between the three is simply off the scale. Collectively, they have taken the name of The Erinyes from Greek mythology aka ‘the Furies’ which are three gods of vengeance being denizens of the underworld which, I believe, will give you some indication of the power, might and majesty that these three amazing singers bring to the project. This then sets up the album to be a concept piece with the ladies also taking on the personalities of Amazons who fall out over their chosen love interests which sets the scene nicely for the cataclysmic events that follow.

The music is written by the guitarist Aldo Lonobile of Secret Sphere and Archon Angel fame as well as producing the work too and he really does seem to have written some of the best material of his life as the score is magnificent and the vocal interplay between the three huge female stars is nothing short of awesome. Lonobile plays the guitar spectacularly and he is joined by fellow Secret Sphere bassist Andrea Buratto with drums courtesy of Michele Sanna (Lunarian, Sweet Oblivion, Sunstorm) and keyboards from Antonio Agate (Lunarian, Sweet Oblivion, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon) and what a stellar team they make! Together, they have all made a truly spectacular symphonic metal album that rocks throughout with a music score that is progressive metal meets symphonic metal at its best and is both huge and heavy with swathes of wonderful, searing guitar from Lonobile, sumptuous keyboards from Agate with Buratto and Sanna make a stupendous rhythm section. However, all must bow before the three ladies as they take the album to a new level entirely to make what surely must be the best symphonic metal album ever produced. Bold words indeed but give it a listen and you will fall in love with it too.

The song writing is exemplary, the playing wondrous and the voices of the three Angels quite simply takes your breath away. If you are into bands like Within Temptation, Sirenia, Delain and Visions Of Atlantis then this is for you but even if you have previously dismissed female led symphonic music then check this out as it will surely change your opinion forever.

The Erinyes have produced a real contender for album of the year, and I hope that there is much more to come. This work is simply stunning and will sweep all before it!

The Erinyes

  1. Life Needs Love (1:58)
  2. Drown The Flame (3:56)
  3. On My Way To Love (4:11)
  4. Betrayed (4:28)
  5. Death By A Broken Heart (4:32)
  6. Where Do We Go (3:51)
  7. It’s Time (3:43)
  8. Someday (4:53)
  9. My Kiss Goodbye (4:22)
  10. Paradise (4:26)
  11. Take Me (3:38)
  12. You And Me Against The World (4:15)