October 9, 2019

The Ferrymen is one of the cases where the term “super group” does not sound like an exaggeration. The threesome of Mike Terrana (don’t expect us to put down the zillion bands he has performed with), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, who plays guitar, bass and keyboards on the album and is the main composer) and Ronnie Romero (Rainbow’s voice of power), debuted with their eponymous album two years ago, and now, it is time for the second full length.

A New Evil sounds exactly like we were expecting (and the expectation with these stellar names was high, believe me) – melodic euro-power metal, with a fantastic sound and production job. It is perhaps needless to say that the individual performances of all three musicians is beyond flawless, but my most important point will be that The Ferrymen sound like a band now. The songs flow one after the other with ease and belong to a clear vision of how the band should sound like. Most of the compositions are mid-tempo, with only No Matter How Hard We Fall and You Against The World speeding things up. Anyway, the album’s strongest moments come exactly with the slower stuff, like the absolute power hymns that are Bring Me Home and the title track (both presented as promo videos).

Most of the choruses are really melodic and memorable, really easy to hum long after the album has finished and this is the place where both Romero and Karlsson should be complimented. Even the catchiest melody is raised even higher in quality the second Ronnie steps in – his voice is truly a treasure.

A New Evil is definitely stronger in the first half, with overall the more memorable songs and muscular riffs, in comparison to the latter third, where Our Own Heroes, My Dearest Fear and the closer All We Got lose a bit of the steam. I am just a little bit disappointed, because if there only were two more songs with the quality of Heartbeat or Save Your Prayers, the album would definitely end in my top 10 list.  

If you want to spend some 50 minutes of your time listening to one of the better melodic metal releases so far in 2019, with masterwork guitar hooks and super-catchy choruses – look no further. Your album is already here. Oh, and the artwork absolutely slays.