November 5, 2023

The garage / punk rock lieutenants of Sweden are back with a bang! The Manikins has joined Lövely Records for the release of their upcoming, sixth studio album Swedish Woods. Formed in 2000, this high energy garage punk outfit is known for their intense live shows, having frequently toured Europe and even making it across the pond for a US tour in 2009. Now they’re back and ready to unleash a raw and primitive explosion of Scandi-rock. The album features 12 brand new tracks, clocking in at 31 minutes, where the band explore their signature basic garage rock sound and crank up the energy and volume levels to the inevitable 11 out of 10.

The band comments: “After years in solitary, due to the pandemic weve been working on new songs and are now ready to share it with the world. In the process of the writing we’ve been searching in the back catalogues of the most primitive rock n‘ roll in history. Its hard hitting, trashy, simple yet with a twist of finesse that makes you wanna hear it over and over again. Nothing is so ageless as the dark and massive woods of Sweden, and in a time of turbulence we wanted to create something similar to this in our music. With the classic recipes of rock n‘ roll that has been used and recycled since the time we had the ability to count 1, 2, 3, 4, we want to describe our contemporary struggles and create sounds and beats that will let you let loose.”

The Manikins started up in Nyköping, Sweden back in 2000. They started out as a trashy punk rock act with outfits like Teengenerate and The Devil Dogs as their biggest influence. After their first two album releases (only 4 months between them) they became a frequently touring act in Europe and was praised as one of the best live acts in the underground garage punk scene. The touring continued after the release of the Lie, Cheat and Steal album and the praised fourth LP Crocodiles. This was also followed by a US Tour in 2009.After this the band had a break but in 2017 they reformed and started writing songs for the album with the prescient title Bad Times that was released in 2018. Plans were made for a longer European tour and also a second visit to the States… but it all got cancelled due to the pandemic.

Now the band is back with their sixth album Swedish Woods, recorded in their own Omega Studios in Nyköping. In the process of making this album, the band recorded 26 songs, eventually selecting and have selected the twelve garage-slammers you hear here. There’s nothing particularly innovative, it’s more of their signature sound and heralds them eager to get on the road and do what they do best – get places pumpin’. And that pretty much says it all really – there’s only so many variations you can dig out of a three-chord-thrash, no matter how good at it our Scandinavian friends are!

Much as I like a bit of high-energy good-time jumping up and down, there are limits to how many new tunes you can squeeze out of the garage sound….However, all is forgiven when you watch the video for the second single ‘Rosita’ below, – it’s absolutely, hilariously, brilliant!

You know what you’re gonna get from this album – go buy it and an oxygen mask, and Party On!

Recorded and produced by The Manikins in their own Omega Studios in Nyköping, mixed and mastered by Joakim Forsberg, Swedish Woods will be released on black vinyl, orange vinyl, and all streaming platforms on the 17th of November, 2023.