June 12, 2021

The Marigold is a self-appointed sludgy post rock band which, to me, means de-tuned and distorted doom rock that is very heavy on bass and crunching power chords.

The Marigold hails from Italy and was formed in Italy in 1998 by multi-instrumentalist Marco Campitelli and has seen a number of changes in personnel with the band now comprising Campitelli on vocals, guitar and keyboards with Stefano Micolucci on bass and Lorenzo Di Lorenzo on drums and they have released several albums and EPs over the years. This album is all about atmosphere with huge portentous riffs that burrow into your skull and there appears to be an underlying bass/drums hardcore attack that operates almost subliminally and it seems powerful enough to almost vibrate your body to extinction. I’m not sure if this record is a question of style over matter as it is very minimalist but everything does what it is supposed to do in a dark and frightening sort of way. The vocals are dark, cold and way back in the mix which gives the album a slightly disturbing feel and one that is almost not quite of this dimension. I’m put in mind of Bauhaus meets Tool meets Sisters of Mercy but on a day when they are all feeling rather depressed.

Goths and angst filled teens will love this for its sense of isolation and being just outside what we laughingly call normal in this increasingly bizarre world. If you are of a Goth persuasion or like dark and subliminal mayhem in your music then get your order placed now. It’s a fine album and delivered with lots of atmosphere and an understated passion but if you are looking to end your party prematurely then reach for this CD; music to appreciate when alone and feeling blue!

Apostate track list

  1. Exorcism Charm (3:36)
  2. Goat Goth Gone (3:02)
  3. The Pledge (3:46)
  4. Lay Down (4:30)
  5. Sludge Machine (5:36)
  6. Mono Lith (5:57)
  7. Loser In Lines (7:31)
  8. My Own Apostate (4:52)