October 28, 2020

The Mercy Kills is an Australian rock band from Melbourne and this EP features seven carefully chosen, remastered versions of band favourites which have been selected from five different band albums that the band has released over the last 10 years.

The band features Mark E on vocals/guitar, Jen X Costello on bass/vocals, Nathalie Gellé on guitar/vocals and Josh Black on drums and they specialise in a rather intoxicating punk influenced sleaze rock. I think the fact that the band’s name was taken from the line ‘it was a mercy killing’ in the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show tells you just about everything you need to know about the band and its rather specific DNA. The material on the EP is very much high energy Ramones inspired rock with plenty of riffs and all delivered in an aggressive high intensity fashion with plenty of attitude. This is a band that knows what it wants and is very happy in its place in the world, thank you very much. The vocals work especially well over the frantic riffs and are a pleasing mixture of two female and one male voice with each singer bringing a different facet to the band and when they all kick in then the effect is mesmerising.

Definitely designed to be dark and sleazy, this is a delicious punk based riff-erama and some great songs to boot. If you want a short, sharp and direct introduction to this intense yet great fun rock band and enjoy seriously good and infectious tracks then this is as good a place start as any.

X track list

  1. Alone (2:44)
  2. Fall (3:42)
  3. Like You (3:15)
  4.  Blackout (3:56)
  5. Rain (4:03)
  6. Say You Do (3:01)
  7. Save (4:36)