January 3, 2022

It is incredible to realise that it is now 15-years since the Swedish producer and drummer Daniel Flores put The Murder Of Sweet together with the wonderful singer Angelica Rylin with the groundbreaking album, Divinity, coming out in 2010. Basically, a symphonic rock outfit with a slight Goth leaning the band set out with a somewhat different remit in that they wanted to produce cinematic rock music dealing with huge, ambitious themes and grandiose storylines so the plan was for big blockbusters but in audio rather than on the cinema screen. Indeed, the name of the band was also taken from the film noir Murder, My Sweet and it is the film noir genre that is of special interest to Flores and his raison d’être is to produce music that matches the dynamic of the huge and all encompassing film scores. An ambitious plan for sure but A Gentleman’s Legacy is now on album number six so it is safe to say that the plan worked and now the band has found its own special place in the rock firmament.

There has been a little shuffle within the band along the way with Flores, Rylin and bassist Patrick Janson now being given able support from the hard working Mike Palace on guitar. There actually are very few bands that sound like The Murder Of My Sweet with the music that includes traditional, melodic and symphonic rock and are probably closer to Delain and Within Temptation than Nightwish but to say that they are similar to Within Temptation is also off the mark. It is probably best to say that they have their own unique brand of symphonic rock which is huge and orchestral and rocks big style whilst still having quieter and reflective periods that could almost be described as pop. As a whole is it unique and individual and you have to applaud a band that takes a slight different route yet still delivers a quite brilliant and provocative album. Daniel Flores is a great drummer and keyboard player too with regular bassist Patrick Janson (ex-Platitude) providing his usual first rate service on bass with the multi-instrumentalist Mike Palace being a class act in any band yet, as usual, Angelica Rylin stands out with her sweet, clear and wonderfully expressive vocals, what a talent!

The album is a concept work but this one takes a little following as it is the continuation of a story that was begun by Mind’s Eye, a band that Flores was heavily involved in, on the album A Gentleman’s Hurricane which came out in 2007. The story concerns a rogue CIA agent with his story being told through his confessions to a sinister priest who had actually raised him. The story originally ended with him meeting his daughter Pandora and now the storyline continues on A Gentleman’s Legacy but now telling Pandora’s story. The narrative sounds very similar to that told by a certain Seattle band in a rather popular album released in 1988 and it is true that Mind’s Eye were a very similar progressive metal band so it is another ambitious leap for the story to be picked up by The Murder Of My Sweet but it belongs to Daniel Flores so he can do whatever he wishes. In truth, both the music and storyline work very well with all musicians raising their games exponentially and it sounds like Angelica Rylin is having a great time and also expanding her range. It’s a long time since I last played A Gentleman’s Hurricane but this CD sent me back in time and when played together the whole story line becomes immense but you do not really need the Mind’s Eye album to thoroughly enjoy this latest quality album from this great band.

A Gentleman’s Legacy

  1. Six Feet Under (4:10)
  2. A Ghost Of A Chance (5:49)
  3. Damnation (5:36)
  4. The Wheels Of Time (4:02)
  5. Winged (5:56)
  6. Kill Your Darlings (5:08)
  7. Fathers Eyes (5:58)
  8. Rise Above (5:20)
  9. Trick Of The Devil (5:20)
  10. Heads Or Tails (5:57)
  11. Please, Don’t Wait Up (5:41)
  12. Finding Closure (9:34)