October 25, 2021

A Gentleman’s Legacy is the sixth studio album by Swedish cinematic metal quartet The Murder Of My Sweet and is a concept record that actually picks up where the most recent album by prog act Mind’s Eye left off. TMOMS drummer, keyboardist and producer Daniel Flores was also the prime mover in that group and their 2007 release had been entitled A Gentleman’s Hurricane.

Joining TMOMS on guitar is compatriot, labelmate and multi-instrumentalist Mike Palace, who had been a big fan of that Mind’s Eye album, and regular bassist Patrick Janson, who played in prog outfit Platitude for several years.

“This new album took three months to write and five to record, which is probably the longest time I have ever taken in a studio,” states Flores. “I was determined to make a record worthy for both Mind’s Eye and TMOMS fans, the people that actually made this whole thing possible!”

Flores started TMOMS following that Mind’s Eye album, which was a concept piece about former CIA agent gone rogue Adam Evangelista, whose story is relayed via confessions to the cruel priest who had actually raised him. Having met his daughter Pandora for the first time at the culmination of that record, A Gentleman’s Legacy picks up the story with her now an adult facing similar challenges to those her father had endured.

Pandora is played by TMOMS vocalist Angelica Rylin, whose lyrics give her character a feminine touch, while Flores was challenged to go back to his prog roots for a sound that is in part influenced by Queensrÿche and Genesis, but with his own personal touches highlighting strong melodies on music that complements perfectly the development of the story.

A Gentleman’s Legacy

  1. Six Feet Under
  2. A Ghost Of A Chance
  3. Damnation
  4. The Wheels Of Time
  5. Winged
  6. Kill Your Darlings
  7. Fathers Eyes
  8. Rise Above
  9. Trick Of The Devil
  10. Heads Or Tails
  11. Please, Don’t Wait Up
  12. Finding Closure

Angelica Rylin – vocals
Daniel Flores – drums
Mike Palace – guitar
Patrick Janson – bass

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