December 27, 2019

The Murder Of My Sweet is a symphonic rock band formed in Sweden in 2006 by drummer and producer Daniel Flores with the name being taken from the film noir Murder, My Sweet. Their naming is somewhat significant in that the project was formed to produce music that is designed to match the dynamic of film scores i.e. huge production for the telling of grand and epic tales. Flores has gone for an over-produced, grandiose sound makes for a rich and atmospheric music with the production values similar to those used by the bands that were totally at home in the studio like Queen, Pink Floyd and ELO.

Brave Tin World is now album number five for the band and they have retained the same line-up since their third release, Beth Out Of Hell, in 2015 with the remarkable Angelica Rylin on vocals, Daniel Flores on keyboards, strings arrangements, backing vocals and drums with Christopher Vetter on acoustic and electric guitars and Patrik Janson on bass. They have developed into a very tight knit unit and Brave Tin World does see the band moving into more mainstream melodic rock whilst still retaining their symphonic roots. Of course, they are going to draw comparisons with Delain and the later works of Within Temptation yet are quite removed from the stylings of Nightwish or Sirenia. Angelica Rylin, again, stands out with her powerful vocals and her delightful mezzo-soprano voice adds so much to the band’s core sound. This is a band that is becoming a guarantee of quality melodic/symphonic rock and each new release sees the band grow in confidence and stature. Christopher Vetter provides plenty of thrills but this is a band in every sense and each musician adds that little bit of magic that a quality release needs.

Daniel Flores can be proud of what he has accomplished here and it is great to watch a band prepared to grow and develop and adapt their style. This is yet another great album from a fine band with a singer destined to make waves.