April 21, 2021

The Odd Dimension is prog rock/prog metal band from Alessandria in Italy which was formed in 2002 and released the two albums Symmetrical and The Last Embrace To Humanity in 2011 and 2013 respectively and drew comparisons with the likes of Fates Warning, Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. So, rather belatedly, the band has released album number three with the very ambitious The Blue Dawn being a conceptual work that sounds in part like a rock opera but is most certainly 100% progressive metal.

Indeed, the album was mixed at Thin Ice Studios by Karl Groom and there is a most definite Threshold feel to the band’s sound too. There have been a couple of changes in personnel for the new album with original members Gianmaria Saddi (guitar), Gabriele Ciaccia (keyboards) and Gigi Andreone (bass) being joined by new vocalist Jan Manenti and drummer Marco Lazzarini. Manenti is to be truly welcomed to the fold as he is also the singer with the excellent The Unity and he brings with him his a golden voice and a wealth of talent and experience. There are a couple of quality guest appearances too with former Dream Theater keyboard man Derek Sherinian on the title track and singer Roberto Tiranti of Labyrinth fame on the song Flags Of Victory. There are some beautiful moments too with the female vocals of Aileen and Eliana Parodi on several of the tracks and these moments do introduce a real feel of rock theatre to the proceedings.

The album is the story of two space travellers, known simply as Markus and Eloise, who are attacked by assailants unknown and have to land on a new planet, The Blue Planet, where they become involved in the creation of a new race. It’s all very ambitious and, of course, very sci-fi too and puts Odd Dimension in the same sort of category as Ayreon when it come to epic and masterfully ambitious projects. If the storyline doesn’t appeal then you can simply switch off and become immersed in the music as there is so much happening here with outstanding guitar and luscious keyboards which are all played impeccably and a truly outstanding vocal performances too. There is some narration but this is only to be expected as it is required to drive the narrative forward and it does add another dimension to the music.

The songs are all around the 7-minute mark which gives ample opportunity for longs solos and flights of fancy which show just how prodigiously talented the boys in the band are. The songs are perfectly crafted and it is an album that is very easy to get into yet you continually find something new every time you listen to it. If you are Dream Theater and Fates Warning then you are going to love this rather special release and will, no doubt, then have to check out the two earlier albums as well.

The Blue Dawn track list

  1. Mission N° 773 (2:38)
  2. Landing On Axtradel (5:21)
  3. The Invasion (6:29)
  4. Escape To Blue Planet (6:59)
  5. Solar Wind (2:31)
  6. Life Creators (5:55)
  7. The Blue Dawn (10:05)
  8. Sounds Of Yazukia (7:13)
  9. Flags Of Victory (6:37)
  10. The Supreme Being (7:12)
Markus: Jan ManentiThe Ruler: Damien Dell’Amico
Eloise: AileenThe Guardian: Gigi Andreone
Eristo: Roberto Tiranti
Arabelle: Eliana Parodi