November 13, 2023

You need THE RATTLEBACKS in your life.

Stacked to the rafters with thunderous riffs, riotous energy, captivating hooks, and framed by a stunning live show, it’s only a matter of time before the unstoppable hard rockers break. The relentless five-piece set loose their hugely engrossing new EP, Kink, on Friday 17th November. The band have also just dropped their killer new single and video, Amon, which is out now. Chek out the video below.

Photo: Rob Blackham/Blackhamimages

Born in 2021 and attacking your senses from Brighton, England, THE RATTLEBACKS feature Coxy (Rhythm Guitar) and Max (Lead Guitar), both having known each other since birth. The duo soon embraced Jack “The Hell” Hollamby (Bass), and powerhouse drummer, Seth Markes, who complete their mighty rhythm section. The band undertook a two-and-a-half-year nationwide search to find the right voice, and after countless and unsuccessful auditions, they discovered Josh Clarke performing live, and instantly they knew they had their man.

The blazing quintet have a staunch passion to deliver hard rock music to a new generation. Tilting their hat to grunge and classic hard rock, whilst integrating modern sensibilities, THE RATTLEBACKS are not a band rehashing a pale imitation of a past incarnation, they proudly stand alone in their own capabilities and are an absolute force of nature. Already possessing a loyal fan base across Southern England with numerous sold-out headline shows, the band have developed an underground cult following. With their EP, Kink, on the horizon and their debut album close to completion, their devoted fanbase has donated over £5,000 via GoFundMe to help drive the band to the next level. 

THE RATTLEBACKS are now prepared to set loose their manifesto to an unsuspecting public. With a raft of singles and releases planned for the coming months, along with a collection of much anticipated live performances, THE RATTLEBACKS’ time is right here and right now.


  1. Rattleback
  2. Amon
  3. Burn It Down
  4. Favourite Son.

KINK – Track by Track

UK Hard rockers, THE RATTLEBACKS have arrived, and they are stacked to the rafters with thunderous riffs, riotous energy, captivating hooks, and framed by a stunning live show. We checked in with the relentless five-piece and asked the band to exclusively give us a breakdown of their incoming EP, Kink, which is out on Friday 17th November:

Rattleback – The jewel in the crown of Kink is the lead single Rattleback. Fuelled by Max Horn‘s (Lead Guitar) devilishly driving riff that he had been toying with since he was 13 years old, the song is an entry point not only of the EP but also of the band playing with demonic themes. We all have that little something in the back of our heads, those intrusive thoughts of the dark arts of life and Rattleback explores living in and giving into a world just like that. The chanted chorus encourages listeners to devote themselves to the all-powerful Rattleback himself, only to hear from him later in the song as to why that might not be such a good idea.”

Amon – Introduced with an old school explosive power chord, followed by pulsating drumbeat that pricks the ears, Amon has already captured you by the time it launches into its hypnotic snake charming riff. This song is what those familiar with The Rattlebacks would describe as quintessentially them. An incredibly catchy verse riff, breaking down into a sing along chorus, peppered with a couple of face melting solos. The melancholy lyrics deal with imposter syndrome, but as the song reaches fever pitch to end on a double chorus, it is confirmed that these boys are far from imposters.”

Burn It Down: With an intro that would make Skid Row proud, Burn it Down has more swagger than you can shake a stick at. The verse breaks down into a head bobbing riff that is only further enhanced by a long forgotten art form, the talk box! Rock fans everywhere call out for more cowbell, but it looks like that fabled instrument faces some stiff competition in 2023. Naturally the musical arrangement is paired with a familiar lyrical theme of many an artist, the total breakdown of a painful and toxic relationship. Something I think we can all relate to.”

Favourite Son: If the Rattleback is the jewel in the crown of Kink, then this is certainly the cherry on top. The genesis of this song was to create something that was high octane and capable of closing a live set, with a crescendo, in any venue in the world. The song itself was Coxy‘s brainchild, providing the lyrics and instrumental with Max adding the intro as well as a guitar solo that should make him notorious with every rock fan on the planet. The lyrical content gives an insight into the mind of a man that only has one purpose in life. It is a self-manifesting promise if only to himself, that his rock’n’roll ambitions may well lurk in the shadows at the time of writing, but his and their time has now certainly come.”


17th Nov – Horsham –The Malt Shovel

18th Nov – Southampton – The Hobbit

24th Nov – Norwich – The Crypt

25th Nov – Eastbourne – Blue Bar

2nd Dec – Wellingborough – Olde England

8th Dec – Hitchin – Club 85

9th Dec – Andover – The Rockhouse

Photo: Rob Blackham/Blackhamimages


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