June 24, 2023

The Sign Records is an independent label from Linköping, Sweden. We’ve reviewed a lot of their bands over recent years, lots of great talent here, including (shameless plug alert) – my album of 2022 from The Riven!!


The Sign Records have been releasing music since 2015 and they love rock. As they put it “Whether it’s loud and explosive extreme metal, psychedelic retro rock or catchy garage rock; as long as it’s genuine and real we’re always thrilled to be working with it. “

Some releases on The Sign Records imprint you might recognize are Hällas – “Excerpts from a Future Past“, the S/T debut by Svartanatt, “Tales of the Wicked West” by MaidaVale, and ”Thunder on the Fields” by Demon Head. But that’s just naming a few out of 100+ releases. 

They’ve now put together a Bandcamp compilation featuring a selection of The Sign Records releases from the past year….

This compilation is a great way to get to know our recent catalogue and discover new amazing bands. All singles/tracks featured on the compilation was released in 2022, but may be featured on albums (to be) released in 2023. Hope you like it, and if you want to get in touch with any of the bands featured on the compilation, or if you want to know more about our label and our releases, please contact us at press@almostreligious.com


I should also point out that you can buy this sampler album on Bandcamp, at a price entirely of your choice! – what’s not to like!


Featured on the compilation:

Upploppet – Golden Eyes

(Digital Single)

Hot Breath – Feeling ’bout This

 (Digital Single)

Rokets – Destroyer

(From the album ”Break Free”)
 Märvel – Great Man

(From the album “Graces Came with Malice“)

Lucifer Star Machine – Censorshipped

 (From the album ”Satanic Age”)
Åskväder – Cyclops

 (Digital Single)

The Hip Priests – Shakin’ Ain’t Fakin’ 

(From the album ”Roden House Blues)

 Craneium – Victim Of Delusion

 (Digital Single)

Dun Ringill – Awakening

(From the album ”150-Where The Old Gods Play – Act 1”)
 Green King – Steel On Ice

(From the album ”Hidden Beyond Time”)

The Riven – On Time

 (From the album ”Peace and Conflict”)

 Liar Thief Bandit – Better Days

(From the album ”Diamonds”)

 Iron Lamb – Total Noise

 (Digital Single)

 Children of the Sün – Leaves

 (From the album ”Roots”)
  Grande Royale – Tell Me

 (From the album ”Welcome to Grime Town”)
 Volcanova – Gold Coast

(From the album ”Cosmic Bullshit”)


Remember our series of articles about this Märvellous Trio?!

Almost Religious label group (The Sign Records / Lövely Records / Gaphals) is distributed by:

Proper – UK, Ireland

V2 – Benelux, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France

Bertus – Spain, Portugal

Audioglobe – Italy

Heathen Natives – Greece

Border / Red Eye – Nordics, Rest of Europe

MVD – North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand

The Orchard – Digital/Streaming

Ok – so I like this band!