December 30, 2021

Just a couple of questions for you, do you like heavy metal? Do you like thrash metal? Do you love Judas Priest? Are you into power metal? If you answered yes to all four questions then you will love the latest album by The Three Tremors and must buy it immediately. To be fair, if you only answered yes to one question then the response is still the same because if you are a rock fan of any sort then Guardians Of The Void is absolutely essential and no record collection can ever be complete without this or the band’s self titled debut release from 2019. All you need to know is that this is a distillation of Painkiller-era Priest, Jag Panzer and Cage and, oh my god, it rocks like crazy. Many of you will already be into the band but if not then all you need to know is that this mad metal monster features three – yes three – stunning vocalists in Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Charred Walls Of The Damned), Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satan’s Host) and Sean ‘The Hell Destroyer’ Peck (Cage, Death Dealer). The rest of the band is Sean Elg on drums, Casey Trask and Dave Garcia on guitars and Rafael Nogueira on bass. Elg along with Trask and Garcia are in Sean Peck’s band Cage with Elg also now with KK’s Priest but I’m not too sure on Nogueira’s background as the original bassist on the first Three Tremors album was Alex Pickard and he too is a member of Cage.

Guardians Of The Void is a continuation of the high energy and aggressive metal as seen on the debut and truly is the soundtrack to Armageddon as metal simply does not get better, bigger or louder than this and with three vocalists all with the Rob Halford high pitched scream as a major part of their arsenal then you have a band so loud and wicked that even Satan would be asking for it to be turned down a little! The songs are all designed to punch you in the gut and all are delivered with power, precision and impeccable timing and now that the band is into the second album then everything has been magnified tenfold. Three vocalists could potentially be a recipe for disaster but these guys know what they are doing and, more importantly, are having a great time doing it. No egos here just a quality team of musicians with a remit for world domination and a plan to bring back metal for the masses. I saw the Three Tremors in Sheffield in 2019 and what a night it was and my ears are still buzzing a little even now but that is how heavy metal should be as the clue really is in the name.

The combination of Conklin, Peck and Owens is inspired as there is enough similarity between them for the unholy threesome to work perfectly but there is enough variety and variation to ensure that the music continues to grow as each brings something a little different to the recordings and then, of course, the potential to swap things around in the live environment is huge and ensures that they will always continue to have some fun whilst singing about the end of the world or some other cataclysmic event!

It would be easy to forget about the musicians in the band and all are truly incredible with the pairing of Casey Trask and Dave Garcia on guitars being totally inspired as they riff and solo almost to excess but that is exactly what the music wants and demands and in Sean Elg, a truly quite extraordinary drummer, and Rafael Nogueira they have one hell of a drum and bass pairing with both sounding as if they are playing for their very lives. The album kicks off with Bone Breaker and this track sounds as though it has been taken from Painkiller and this sets the standard for what follows which is basically a 60-minute heavy metal extravaganza of pure metal mayhem and violence. As far as I am concerned Judas Priest are the archetypal metal band and have been untouched and unrivalled for around 45-years and I honestly believe that The Three Tremors are the best, actually only, rivals for their crown as undisputed world metal champions.

The Three Tremors have released an even bigger and better album that the debut and I would not have thought this possible but they’ve done it and all I can say further is that you simply have to have this album as it is pure heavy metal gold.

Guardians Of The Void

  1. Bone Breaker (6:06)
  2. Guardians of the Void (3:15)
  3. Kryptonian Steel (5:14)
  4. Crucifier (4:19)
  5. I Can’t Be Stopped (4:49)
  6. Frailty (5:07)
  7. Operation Neptune Spear (5:22)
  8. Chained to the Oar (5:47)
  9. Catastrophe (4:56)
  10. Wickedness and Sin (4:33)
  11. Fall of Rome (5:03)
  12. War of Nations (4:50)